Revocation Hearings

The West Virginia Parole Board may revoke the parole of any parolee that has previously been granted parole and has not been discharged from supervision.  A parolee shall not be revoked unless a panel of the Parole Board finds that a parolee has violated a condition of parole which has been imposed by law or by the Parole Board.

A Court Order finding a parolee guilty of any new felony charge while he/she is on parole, shall support a revocation based on a conviction.  However, a status hearing will be held, if the parolee does not waive his/her revocation hearing.

If a parolee does not waive his/her right to a revocation hearing, a panel of the Parole Board must make a finding that the parolee has violated a condition of his/her parole after holding an evidentiary hearing.

The Parolee is entitled to a preliminary hearing which is held by a hearing examiner from the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  The parolee is also entitled to be represented by an attorney and if he/she cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to him/her at no cost.

The Parole Revocation Hearings are all held by video conferencing from the Parole Board panel with the Regional Jail in which the parolee is being held.

All visitors and witness have to contact the parolee's Parole Officer or the parolee's Attorney to schedule attendance for testimony.

All questions should be directed to the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation at 304-352-4683 and speak with Deena Carney, the Corrections Program Specialist in charge of scheduling the revocations hearings.‚Äč