About Us

​​The West Virginia Parole Board will be committed to a partnership with the citizens of West Virginia in promoting public safety, providing a continuum of services for offenders, coordinating victim services, and by equipping employees with access to adequate training bases upon effective intervention. The Parole Board will utilize a direct link with policies and procedures by incorporating agencies designed and mandated to fulfill the same fundamental principles to yield the greatest efficiency, management and productivity with a minimum amount of duplication of effort.

The Parole Board believes that the highest priority of the Board must be the interest in public safety through the highest degree of performance standards by all staff at all times. We believe that offenders must be treated firmly, fairly and consistently. The Parole Board believes that service-oriented actions, tasks, requests and inquiries must be handled timely and accurately and that excellence and quality must be pursued in the provision of services. The Parole Board believes that all persons must be treated with respect and dignity.  ​