Parole Hearings

The Parole Board holds monthly onsite hearings at Charleston Correctional Center, Huntington Work Release Center, St. Marys Correctional Center, Pruntytown Correctional Center, Lakin Correctional Center and Huttonsville Correctional Center.  All visitors and victims attend the hearings at each individual facility. 

The Parole Board holds monthly hearings by video conferencing only at Beckley Correctional Center, Mt. Olive Correctional Center, Denmar Correctional Center, McDowell County Correctional Center, Steven's Correctional Center, Parkersburg Correctional Center, Salem Correctional Center, Northern Correctional Center, Ohio County Correctional Center and Northern Regional Jail.  The exception is that once a year the Parole Board does go onsite to these facilities.

The Parole Board holds monthly hearings by video teleconferencing at all the Regional Jail Facility only.  The visitors/victims have to attend the hearings at the Regional Jail Authority in Charleston, West Virginia. Anyone wishing to attend, should contact the office assistant at the Parole Board Office to make arrangements to attend those hearings.

The Parole Board does not hold hearings at Anthony Center or Martinsburg Correctional Center.  Anthony Center does not house parole eligible inmates.  Martinsburg is strictly an intake facility - the inmates are brought in for classification and upon completion, tranferred to another facility.  The Parole Board keeps track of the parole eligible inmates in Martinsburg, and places them on the appropiate list when tranferred. 

Your PED is the date that the inmate is eligible for parole consideration.  This does not mean that the interview will be on that date.  Hearings are held once a month for each institution for inmates that are eligible for interview that month.  In order to be seen the Parole Board, by law the Board is required to have a certified copy of the Court Order, a post-sentence investigation report, a CIB, a psychological report and an approved home plan.