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General Information

The Parole Board is an independent organization and is not a part of the West Virginia Department of Corrections.  Parole Services and Parole Officers are a part of the Department of Corrections and any questions or concerns regarding issues with them should be addressed to the West Virginia Department of Corrections.  

The Parole Board is made up of nine Board Members appointed by the Governor with consent of the WV Senate. We also have nine staff members overseeing the daily operation of the office.

The Parole Board holds monthly parole hearings at each of the Department of Corrections facilities in the state.  These hearings are either on site or by video teleconferencing.  We hold monthly parole hearings by video teleconferencing with all the Regional Jails for inmates that are in Department of Corrections custody, but have not moved to a Department of Corrections facility.  The only exception is that no hearings are held for inmates at the Martinsburg Correctional facility.  This facility is for intake only.

The Parole Board also conducts Parole Revocation hearings as required by law by video teleconferencing multiple days every month.  These hearings are conducted at the Parole Board Office in Charleston, West Virginia.

The parole and revocation hearings are conducted by a three member panel on a rotating basis to each of the facilities.