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Revocation Hearings

The Parole Board holds Parole Revocation Hearings on a monthly basis by video teleconferencing with the Regional Jails where the Parolees are being held.

The Parole Board holds the hearing from their office at 1356 Hansford Street, Suite B, Charleston, West Virginia.

All witnesses need to testify from the Parole Board Office.  The only exception is Southern Regional Jail.  Witnesses need to contact either the Parole Officer or the attorney representing the Parolee for the date and time to appear. 

The hearings begin at 8:30 am till 4:00 pm and are scheduled in 45 minute intervals.

If there are any questions regarding revocation hearings, contact Deena Carney at 304-558-6366, Office Assistant handling Parole Revocation Hearings.